Ski-and Snowboard Camp

I would like to start this Blog Post with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported and prayed for us before and during the Snow Camp. The Camp was a resounding success, and we were truly blessed. As a group of 19 people, we spent two great days together, sharing unforgettable moments and creating lasting bonds.

The Camp started on March 7, and we met to go to the ski resort together. We couldn’t all go on the same Car-Bus for some reason, so five of us had to meet separately in a different location. To make sure that we would still get to know each other, we created a group chat where we could introduce ourselves. We had to write our name, where we are from, what university we are in, and what our hobbies are, and then add a picture of how we are currently feeling. After about four hours, we finally arrived at the site, stored all our luggage, and went to the ski and snowboard rental shop. It was a chaotic process until we finally all had our stuff, but we were still soon good to go. We all went to the ski lift and ensured that beginners were coupled with someone advanced to learn some tips and tricks for the first two or three downhill runs.

We stayed on the slopes for about three to four hours before we had to return with the last two shuttle buses. During our skiing time, the weather was perfect: sunshine and a clear blue sky. But as we arrived at the Hotel and got to our rooms, it started to get a bit cloudy. We decided to go to the Onsen to relax our muscles before dinner, and it started to snow as we were in the outdoor Onsen. Now, that is perfect timing, sitting in the hot water enjoying the cold snowfall. No one wanted to leave the hot bath. But of course, time for dinner came, so we went to the dining hall. We were greeted by an enormous „all you can eat“ buffet, and we ate until we were about to burst.

After dinner, we moved to a meeting room, where we played some more icebreaker games, got to know each other better, sang some worship and then Christian shared a message with everyone. Most of the people in this Camp were already Christian, but a handful of people had heard the gospel for the first time. They seemed very open to this new word, and later, in the sharing groups, they all shared from their heart about things they’d never heard before and what intrigued them from this message. We kept talking for a bit, and then we all went to bed early to get a whole night’s rest.

We did our Morning STAR in our rooms the following day. Then, we had a quick leader meeting before meeting everyone and eating our breakfast together.

We were greeted by a buffet that rivalled the one we had the previous night, so we shared another feast together. We then went back on the slopes, and this time, we made some changes to the groups, still making sure that some beginners would be in groups with some people who could help them. Around noon time, we met as a big group, and we decided to all go to the other side of the slope and go down the mountain as a big group. For some, this task was easier, and for some, this slope turned out to be quite a struggle, but all of us had great fun.

Then we ate lunch together before boarding or skiing down the mountains a few last times. In the afternoon, we returned to the Hotel to take a relaxing bath in the Onsen before our Bus back to the city came to pick us up.

In Shinjuku, we said our goodbyes to all the students and visitors who came, and all the members of Jesus‘ Call quickly hurried back to Sengawa to join the Friday prayer night.